First timer.

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Dean wrote:


I am new to online dating and don’t really know what to do for a first time date.  I am used to having conversations with people at parties and bars, but I have begun to realize that those people aren’t the type I want to have long term relationships with, so I am doing the Match thing.  After I’ve emailed someone and stuff, what should I do next?  Any date ideas?  Any date BAD ideas?




I could list a million ideas (and bad ideas) Dean.  I’ll cover them in just a bit.

After you’ve gotten to know someone by email, there isn’t a set time in which you must wait to ask them out.  If it feels right, ask if they’d like to get together and meet up face to face.  Don’t be demanding, be as flexible on time as you can be, and stay calm.  That said, here are the top ten ideas of Good and Bad first dates:

1 Good idea: Meeting for coffee
Bad idea: Strip club

2.  Good idea: Meet for dinner
Bad idea: Offer to cook at your place

3.  Good idea: Watch a sporting event
Bad idea: Take her to WWE cage match

4.  Good idea: Meet for drinks
Bad idea: Take her to a party and get smashed

5.  Good idea: Meet for ice cream
Bad idea: All you can eat Indian food

6.  Good idea: Meet up for a canoe/paddle boat excursion
Bad idea: Camping in the middle of nowhere

7.  Good idea: Meet for a picnic
Bad idea: Show up at his/her work unannounced and ask him/her to lunch

8.  Good idea: Meet up for a concert
Bad idea: Colonics

9.  Good idea: Meet for an art show
Bad idea: Offer to paint her/him nude

10.  Good idea: Wine/beer
Bad idea: Shots


Yes, some of these were humorously conceived.  Just use your best judgement here Dean.  I am sure there are some people that would LOVE WWE on the first date, but I prefer to save any event where I’d be screaming, surrounded by mullets, completely hammered, or sweating profusely until AT LEAST the third date…maybe never on the WWE thing..  The best idea for a date is to read her/his profile and try to find something they enjoy, and do that.

Anyway, after you secure the first date, try to look your best, brush and floss, and again, don’t wear tennis shoes unless you’re doing physical activity that requires tennis shoes (but that may also go back to the sweating profusely thing). The whole point is to put your best foot forward and make the date (and her first impression of you) a good one.