Let’s talk peace..

Occasionally, I see pictures in the media that make me want to write things.  Take a look at this (copyright Missam Saleh—EPA):

This is a 1.5 year old child that died as a result of a clash in Libya.  This week also brings the release of the first Anti-Semitic letter written by Hitler in NY’s Museum of Tolerance.  War and hatred have been around us for as long as we know it, but it seems to me, that it’s getting worse.  The world is reaching its boiling point.

Here in the US, we have “Christians” confusing government with religion and shouting hateful messages at those that don’t share their beliefs (abortion clinic patrons, soldiers, homosexuals, Muslims and Jews), where elsewhere in the world, people are simply dying while fighting wars based upon the belief that only THEY are right.

You may say, “Well, what’s wrong for fighting for what you believe in?”

I say: everything, if it means killing people.  The world has lost it’s intellectual edge and we’re now all trying to be the biggest badass in the room, quicker to fight than to reason.  We now live in a world where it’s easier to kill someone than it is to ask for help and we all made it that way. We give guns to everyone that wants one, we cut medical and mental health care, we abuse welfare programs, we believe everyone should believe what WE believe, and we’re obsessed with GREED.  We’re rats, scrambling over one another for the bigger chunk of cheese.  It isn’t climate change that will wipe us all out, nor is it going to be a meteor.  We will be our own demise.  We’ll all grab for the bigger gun until someone decides to push a button and end things early.  Would you want to be the last one standing in a radiated, foul, decaying world?  It’ll be awfully lonely..and agonizingly painful.

The next time someone touts violence or hatred as a solution, let them know that it’s not okay.  Violence and Hatred are much like tsunami waves in the ocean, racing across pristine waters until they crash upon our shores.  When they crash down upon us, there is very little we can do except wish we’d seen the warning signs.

I am not saying we can’t stand up for what we believe in..I am saying that we should be more open to discussion and being okay to “agree to disagree” on things.  If WE want to live our lives in peace, everyone else around us needs to be respected enough to live their lives in peace as well.