So I turned 33 on Saturday, which should explain the lack of posts for the last few days.  Not only was it MY birthday, but it was my brother’s, his daughters, and we celebrated the birthday of another friend (early..it’s actually today) all in one day.  On top of that, I found a part time job working for GNC on the weekend (come see me for anything you need..shameless plug, I know..), and got some home repair done.  Needless to say, it was an action packed weekend.

Every year around my birthday, I am usually learning some sort of life lesson as I cross the gap from one age to another.  What did I learn this year?  Here we go:

1.  I learned that friendships develop over time, and take some tweaking as life takes people in different directions, but it’s really nice to see people you haven’t seen in awhile and catch up on everything that’s happened.  We can’t always see some people in our lives, but we should try to see them as much as possible.

2.  Horny Goat beer is awesome..and delicious.  Stevens Point, WI has a great beer to be proud of.

3.  UV Birthday Cake vodka is an excellent substitute for birthday cake..for adults.

4.  I love scotch.  I love it even more when I get scotch and beer for presents.

5.  Cook brats first, THEN grill.  Doing that in reverse will cause them to look like zombie brats.

6.  I am an excellent room painter.

7.  Loss is a part of life.  Whether it’s a friend, family member, or pet, it’s always something we have to face as we grow older.  It’s facing loss with a solid resolve and celebrating the life rather than remembering the loss that makes us stronger people.  My daughter’s dealt with that several times now and had her cat die this weekend.  She’s amazing.

8.  Speaking of Olivia, it turns out she’s superhuman.  She’s testing at post elementary levels in both learning and PE.  Two sets of good genes CAN make it easier, but it was good to see that the work her parents and other have done has paid off.

9.  I have found a way to push myself harder at the gym and not need so much recovery time.  It’s amazing to see the progress I’ve had with my fitness in the last year.  I don’t want to be a competitive builder or anything (I don’t have time), but I like the direction I’m going.

10.  Stress.  I was under a mountain of stress while trying to find another job, but I stayed positive and kept plugging away with applications.  I just happened to walk into a GNC a few weeks ago and through a conversation, was able to get an interview, which turned into a nice PT weekend job.  If I’d let myself be consumed with stress, I may have missed the possibility.  It’s okay to feel stressed from time to time, but don’t let it eat you up.  Keep your determination and have an open mind.  Think outside of the box and don’t rely on your computer..have face to face interactions with people and you’ll pull through.

Of course, I DID learn a bunch more over the last year, but this is just the latest group of learnings.  More posts to come.