Remember when MTV was cool? I do..

MTV, launched on August 1, 1981, playing music...
I remember when this stood for something.

How the hell has MTV managed to stay on the air with the crap they’re showing these days?  With shows ranging from “Teen Wolf” (yes, they destroyed Michael J Fox’s classic teen comedy), to “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom”, they’ve moved the M right out of MTV.  Now it’s just TV, and crappy TV at that.

Here’s what I remember about MTV’s glory days:

1.  I remember music videos.  I remember when an artist couldn’t get famous without them and MTV gloriously hyped the premiere videos from such artists as Michael Jackson, Guns N roses, M.C Hammer, and Korn.  We need more videos.

2.  I remember MTV Spring Break.  Hours were spent watching Pauly Shore (look him up youngsters) doing idiotic things and watching spring breakers dance in Daytona, Florida for MTV’s spring break.  In between spots, MORE videos played (awesome!), then it was back to the semi-nude women showing off at spring break.

3.  I remember when the MTV music/movie awards didn’t suck.  It was one of the biggest award shows around.  Anyone remember the Foo Fighters playing on top of Radio City Music Hall in 1997’s Music Awards?  Classic.

4.  I remember “Dead at 21”.  This little seen show was one of the first that MTV offered and it was a killer.  Jack Noseworthy was the star and it was a great show with great MUSIC.

5.  I remember MTV News.  Kurt Loder, SuChin Pak, Gideon Yago, Tabitha Soren, Chris Connelly, and a host of others brought us the lastest in music and world news.  As a young adult, I watched their news coverage more than any other network.  I even watched the Berlin Wall fall on MTV.  Hells yes.

6.  I remember “120 Minutes” and “Headbangers Ball”.  Before I rant on about this, let me just say that I hear 120 Minutes is coming back with Matt Pinfield (music genius) in 2011.  This is great news.  (Now I return you to the regularly scheduled rant..)  Both of these shows were absolutely incredible.  Whether it was a Sarah McLachlan interview or watching Pantera and Sevendust videos, both shows had a hardcore audience.

7.  I remember a day before Carson Daly and TRL.  Giving viewers a chance to rate music was an awful idea, yet it still exists in radio today.  The reason there is so much overplaying is because the people that want to watch/listen to that crap over and over have no life and can spend every hour on the internet or phone voting for the same damn song!  Take away voting and just play what is out there.  We have a non-cable music channel here right now in MN called CoolTV that plays TONS of videos with HUGE variety.  I love it when it changes from something like Kings of Leon to Neyo or Beyonce.  Change that shit up.

8.  I remember YO MTV Raps.  Ed Lover and some fat dude hosted a show about rap songs.  I watched.  I loved Busta Rhymes and Cypress Hill.  Good times.

9.  I remember Beavis and Butthead.  MTV made the mistake of playing the crap out of this show two or three times a day with multiple marathons throughout the years.  It was funny as a half hour show and just made you want to watch more videos..when overplayed, it became a phenomenon and everyone (usually when drunk) pulled their shirt over their head and acted like Beavis’s “Cornholio”.

10.  I remember the women VJs.  Hey, I was a teen, they were (mostly) hot.  Karyn Bryant, Julie Brown, Idalis, Duffy, Daisy Fuentes, Kennedy (so far the only NOT hot one), and Ananda Lewis were all hotties.  I remember talking on the phone to my friends and playing games of  “Hey, there’s Idalis nipping out”.  Hot stuff.


What we have from MTV today is nothing like it should be.  It’s essentially become a showcase of what’s wrong with the world today.  Instead of trying to better people through music, expression, and world events, we’re broadcasting another “My Sweet 16” or “16 and pregnant” marathon.  MTV sucks, they know it, and they don’t care.  They’re like the stinky kid in class that knows he stinks and yet, doesn’t do a damn thing about it.



Mommas Man

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Anonymous wrote:

Hi there.  Long time reader, first time writer.  I’ve got an issue here with my husband (of 1 year) and it’s driving me crazy.  He is a momma’s boy.  He talks to his mom three times a week, let’s her make the decisions WE should be making (what color to paint our living room, what kind of flooring to get, etc) and when I try to say anything, he gets defensive and acts like she’s a saint.  How do I tell him that at 34, he should be able to think for himself and that his mother isn’t in our marriage?




Momma’s boys can be hard to handle.  First, let me just say that there is nothing wrong with being close to your family and talking to them if they live nearby.  However, if they live 5 states away, I’d say talking three times a week is a bit much.  Your parents aren’t your best friends..they shouldn’t be..they’re your parents.  You’re also right in feeling upset when your husband lets his mom make the decisions that the two of you should be making.  The best bet here is to have a discussion and ask him why he feels the need to let his mother make the decisions.  Once he explains, let him know that you appreciate his mother’s input, but that you’d like to be the co-decision maker in the house since it is the two of you that are in the marriage, not his mother.  Explain that you love him and that you’ve been understanding and you’d like the same courtesies from him.  Hopefully you find a resolution soon..otherwise, enjoy the floral wallpaper.