All in the plan.

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"Yeah, and there's this Site called EHarmony..we need to pitch this to all Christians-Dammit Brian, stop trying to drink my wine!"

Stephanie wrote:


You seem to be a realist.  I have read your blog over and over and you really want people to make their own destiny, and yet I can’t help but to feel sorry for you.  Why not just stop making people want to try so hard and instead ask them to sit back and let God bring someone good into their life?  That’s what I’m doing, and it really is the best way.




And how’s that working out for ya, Stephanie?  The reason I don’t give them that tidbit of advice is because it’s never worked for anyone, not even in the Bible.  Nowhere in the Bible will you see God telling someone “Just sit back and do nothing, I got this one..”.  Yes, some Christians may believe that God is calling the shots in life (I totally disagree), and others may believe that your whole life is written out before you’re born (I also disagree), but sitting back and doing absolutely nothing would be the stupidest plan in the history of plans.  Why?  Let’s examine from the Biblical perspectives:

1.  You’re the “God calls the shots” type:  If God calls the shots and he had his own son bumped off, do you think he’d be really happy if you just sat back and did absolutely nothing, rather than get out there and be a good Christian and find someone to marry and have more good little Christians with?  I am sure he’d prefer that over the solo couch warming party.  Think about it..through the Bible, God tested people over and over again..and when they failed the test, they were bumped off.  To me, this says do anything BUT sit around.

2.  You’re the “All is decided for me before I was even born” type:  I wish this was the case, but go eat a Moroccan meal and you’ll see otherwise.  Two hours after your meal, when you’re sitting on your toilet, praying you survive what is happening to your rectum, you’ll realize that if everything was decided, there would be no mistakes and we’d all live life always moving forward, never looking backward or apologizing.  In other words, if God had everything planned, you’d never get that DWI you got in’d never eat Moroccan food..and you’d never have let little Billy in 6th grade see your boobs for a dollar.  I find it hard to believe it’s all planned out, and if you go on believing that, you’ll settle for the first person that plays by those rules rather than finding someone you’d TRULY be happy with.

I am not against religion by any means, but I think people also need to pave their own path in life and let whatever religious principles they keep be a guide for their own actions and decisions.  Finding happiness is your responsibility and despite however difficult it may be, sitting back and doing nothing will not further your progress in any way.