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Melissa Ann wrote:


Am I crazy or all men just horny pigs?  I joined this site called OkCupid just looking to increase my friend pool and all I get are emails from guys looking to date.  Yes, I am single, but I state specifically that I am looking for friends.  What gives? 

Melissa Ann


Melissa Ann,

What gives is that you may be a moron.  OkCupid is a dating site like Match and the others.  See that “Cupid” in the name there?..he’s the Roman god of desire..that should be your first hint.  The second, is the thing that says “Join the best dating site on Earth” on the main page (I checked..it’s there).  If you’re looking for friends, try your library, Notfordating.com, Facebook, a bar..hell, even try Myspace, but don’t try a dating site.  It simply makes you stand out like a nudist in church.