Baa gull

I hate it when people pronounce “bagle (bay-gl)” as “baa (like the sheep/goat noise) gull”, and the same goes with “bag  (baag)” being pronounced as “baog” and “minute” said as “menut”

Anyway, that is totally off subject, just a random thing to point out.  Damn you KS95 morning DJ’s..get your vocab down.


Here was a letter from Dee who wrote in yesterday, but I couldn’t get to until today:


I see all of these health products with the word “anabolic” on it.  Isn’t anabolic stuff illegal because it’s a steroid?  Did manufacturers just find a way around that or did the government get relaxed about steroids?




On the contrary..the government is still against anabolic steroids.  The term “anabolic” refers to a synthesis-phase (or building-state) of metabolism where substances are absorbed into, and used in the body to build muscle tissue.  It is the opposite of catabolic which is more of “breakdown-state”.  I believe the word that was the danger here was steroids.  Anabolic steroids were steroids used to promote rapid muscle growth.  Anabolic steroids are still today illegal and banned in the US as well as almost every single sporting organization in modern countries.

Anabolic activity will allow muscle growth/promote muscle density and promote fat burning.  There are a ton of products out there that do this though, and you’ll want to make sure to research a few that are right for you.  If you’re a woman, stay away from any testosterone based supplements if you’re looking to slim down and maintain a feminine figure without building larger amounts of muscle.  If you’re a guy, testosterone supplements are fine, just read the label and educate yourself before taking them.  Protein with leucine (like GNC’s AMP Pro Performance Wheybolic 60) is an excellent protein to take if you’re not into supplements but still desire lean, dense muscle and increased stamina.    Leucine is an amino acid that helps with protein uptake and can stimulate muscle protein synthesis and is a basic tool in promoting anabolic states within the body.

I hope this helped.