Where have all the “real” (rich) men gone?

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Alissette wrote:


Where have all the real men gone?  I am 28 and finding it hard to find someone to settle down with.  I remember a time when men courted women, when men practically lined up to take a woman out, when they paid for her, and when they treated her like a princess, but it seems that men aren’t like that anymore.  What gives?  Was this all because of women wanting equal places in society?  If so, then they can have their equal place..I’d rather sit at home and know I’m pampered while modern women work their asses off.  I like the old days. 




I am sure several thousand women want to give you a piece of their mind right now.  In fact, I’d like to invite any woman reading this post to comment on what Alissette had to say.  Personally, I think that any woman that feels she “deserves” to be paid for (which is essentially what you’re looking for), “deserves” to be alone until she wises up.  First of all, you don’t actually remember the times you spoke of (unless you were alive between 1920 and 1945)..you remember what you’ve learned throughout your life.  As with any social interaction, time forces evolution and we now find ourselves in a much more casual dating atmosphere (and thank God..I’d hate to have my dates arranged and contracted out by my church or parents).  Men and women both pursue the people they are interested in and men alone are not expected to pay for every date (except by you obviously).  Men and women share an almost identical social status and should share equal responsibility in every aspect of dating.  What you’re providing is basically an escort service.  You provide the company (and perhaps intimacy) and the man is expected to pay for those services.  You’re alone because you can’t find anyone dumb enough to fall for this in a modern society.  I am sure there are men out there that would love to know they control the relationship by shelling out money to “take care of you”, but those aren’t real men.  Real men would treat their partner as an equal..financially, emotionally, and socially.