A pair of contact lenses, positioned with the ...
Oh THERE's the right one..damn clear plastic..

I was listening to the Dave Ryan show for a bit this morning while KS95 got boring and preachy with some stuff and Dave was talking about “OCD qualities” that people have.  One of his cohorts has to have the volume (on video or audio devices) on a number ending in a 5 or 0 or he gets antsy.  Another sidekick of his has a fear of stepping on the bottom step of stairs. The qualities they discussed weren’t necessarily obsessive-compulsive by “psychological disorder” definition, they were more the modernized definition for “things people are overly particular about and things that will bug the hell out of us if left unchanged.”

This got me thinking and I began to wonder what other weird “OCD” traits people have.  I once dated someone who didn’t like to touch doors so she’d use a paper towel or her sleeve to grab the door pull (or the push-side panel) while going through doors.  I also have a few weird “OCD” things:

1.  When I was a kid, I didn’t like to walk on grass because I thought I was hurting it.  Don’t even get me started about how uncomroftable I felt when my class had to SIT on the grass…poor things.

2.  I don’t like seeing crumbs on things.  I like clean, smooth surfaces.  I’d probably have a breakdown working in a bakery and it may be the number one reason I don’t own a bagel shop.

3.  I can’t stand the sound of fiberglass touching sand. It makes me want to pee myself with disgust.  The same goes for the feeling of sand on wet feet.

4.  I don’t like having dried mud on my hands and having them touch anything. So…that pottery lovemaking scene in Ghost?  I’d have been like, “Yeah, excuse me, I need to go wash my hands..why don’t you just have a seat over there..”

5.  You all probably have read this in other posts, but I can’t bear the sight of women with hairy arms.  It probably goes back to the clean, smooth surface thing.

6.  I eat my M&M’s in twos..always.  If there’s a lone M&M it will be left behind or given away.

7.  I always put my right contact in first.  I realized this one time when I’d accidentally misplaced my last right contact lens.  I couldn’t put in the left until I found the right one.

Last but not least (not necessarily OCD because it is often times out of my control living with other people):

8.  Clutter drives me crazy.  Everything should have it’s place and there should be no reason for over-filled drawers, piles of anything, disorganization, or general disarray.  I do what I can to minimize my own clutter and when I notice mine, I spend time fixing it.  The only exclusion from this clutter list is dirty laundry..for some reason, I’ve learned to be okay with a pile of dirty laundry (as long as it’s in a basket that isn’t overflowing).


I’m weird..what are YOU weird about?