I like vanilla ‘cuz it’s the finest of the flavors..

In the July 13th USA Today, Craig Wilson’s article about ice cream and about how he seemingly despises vanilla ice cream made me decide to write him.  In the article, Wilson is bothered when, after a meal of meat, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon and tomatoes, the hostess serves cupcakes instead of ice cream.  He then goes on to say the fact that vanilla is the best selling ice cream bothers him.

Here is what I wrote to him:


You were surprised that vanilla is the most popular?  With French, New York, Madagascar, and other varieties of vanilla, the flavor is the “plain white t-shirt” of ice cream.  It, in all of its variances is sexy, casual, delicious, and refreshing.  The other flavors WISH they could be as satisfyingly desirable as vanilla.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that ice cream really has no viable role in an outdoor cookout.  Between the cool, crisp, sweet watermelon, the fresh and juicy tomato, the smoky meats, and the mustard-tang of potato salad, ice cream simply has no place.  The hostess was intelligent in choosing a cake/pie based dessert with a different texture than everything precluding it.  Yes, cupcakes are a bit overdone these days, but then again, so are ice cream varieties.

Maybe you should examine that meal again.  In nearly the same way you disparaged vanilla ice cream, you found little enjoyment in the final part of the meal.  Perhaps you should reevaluate things over a nice cup of vanilla bean ice cream.  Enjoy the subtle sweetness, the creamy taste and smooth texture, and you’ll hopefully realize that it’s not about the big detail of what was or wasn’t served, it’s about the little subtle moments that made that day memorable..much like the subtle flavor differences of good old, boring, yet wonderfully delicious vanilla ice cream.

Sean M”

It is not the big details that are important in life.  I’ve said that time and again, but I am now realizing that people that are constantly finding fault in things may not enjoy vanilla ice cream simply because of the basic deliciousness.  The flavor nuances are too subtle for them to pick up since they have spent a lifetime picking on the big details and not enough time enjoying the little ones.