Anti-social networking (your responses)

In my last post, I presented a list of things I wanted from social networking sites and then asked readers to submit their preferences.  Here is some of the info I received:

Tammy: “I’d love to see no ads.  I HATE those things!”

Rich: “I would love to see who has viewed my profile.  They do it on dating sites, so why not social networking sites?”

Dan: “I would like no privacy features at all.  Whatever you have out there is out there, for good.”

Melissa wrote: “I’d like greater privacy customization.  I’d like to make my page different for every friend if I could.”

B1213: “I’d love to see facebook and ebay combine.”

Sarah: “No more slutty girl pics.”

Sarah (again): “No more shirtless guy pics either.”

Laura: “I agree the search function should be much greater than it is now.  Facebook is becoming so lame.”

Randee: “I wish there was a way to have mass amounts of people quit at one time.  Maybe a “we quit” button.”

Brian: “No political parties or political reps (president, senators, etc) on Facebook.”


Thanks guys!  Good input.