What’s in a name?

SomeGuy wrote:


Do you think people are subconsciously attracted to people?  Let me explain:  Almost every girl I’ve dated has been named Lindsay/Lindsey.  I don’t LOOK for Lindsays/Lindseys, in fact, they always seem to gravitate towards me.  We make small talk at parties and bars, friends introduce us, and then she tells me her name and it’s almost always Linsday.  It’s so bad that my friends even started taking a marriage bet that I get to keep if I end up marrying someone NOT named Lindsay/Lindsey.

Do you think it’s possible for a Sarah to always be attracted to a Brad, a Paul to always be attracted to a Melissa, or a Lindsey to a Greg?..or am I just some kind of crazy?



I am guessing your name is Greg.  You weren’t too obvious about hiding that at the end there..

Anyway, I’ve answered a post like this a short time ago but yours was different, so I am elaborating.  First, read the old post.  Now, read this one:  I have dated many Katies (Katherine, Kathryn, etc.,), several Jessicas and Jens (Jennifer and Jenny etc.,), Ericas (Erika, Erica, etc.,), and Jamies (Jaeme, Jayme, Jaime, etc.,)…also Nicoles (Nicki, Nicci, etc.,).

Almost all but three (they know who they are) approached me.  The rest, I approached without really knowing them or their names.  No one really looks like their name, even though we may find some of the characteristics similar.  The Jens I dated weren’t all short, the Ericas I dated weren’t all amazing cooks, and the Nicoles I dated weren’t all moody right-wing Republicans.

We’re attracted to who we’re attracted to because of characteristics we find attractive.  You may be looking for similar characteristics in the people you date and ending up with the same types of women, but I think it’s purely coincidence that they’ve all been Lindsey.  The Lindseys (Lindsay, Lynsee) I know are nothing like each other, so I don’t really know what qualities you’re finding in them that could possibly make them all have the same name.  On the other hand, you could also be so focused on the name that when you DO find out the woman’s name, you feel a connection, like you HAVE to date them just because of the name…like an unfulfilled prophecy of some sort.  All in all, you’ll marry someone who you’re attracted to and someone you love.  Don’t put any emphasis on the name of the people you meet and someone great will come along.


(P.S..I’ve been told that I “don’t look like a Sean” and that I’m “totally different from other Seans” people know-hopefully that’s a good thing.)