I have, what some would say is, an affinity for chocolate.  I’m not talking the disgusting Americanized Hershey-kind of chocolate, I am talking about the delicious chocolates from the likes of BT McElrath, Vosges, Moonstruck, and Gertrude Hawk (just to name a few).  I try to have at least one square daily and I keep the cacao (the cocoa bean) content to 60% or above.

Cacao (or cocoa beans) are rich in flavinols and can even reduce cholesterol levels.  It’s also been shown to raise endorphin levels before a workout, thereby giving you the ability to push just a bit further with cardio.

I was at the store the other day and noticed they were out of the chocolate I usually eat on my lunch break, so I picked up some of the Jello Mousse (the Dark Chocolate flavor) to try.  I still picked up my dark chocolate at a different store, but I figured the Jello thing might make a nice dessert.  Holy Lord was I right.

It’s flavor is incredible and it’s still light enough to be a nice treat for lunch.  AND, at only 60 calories per cup, it’s not a huge dent in your daily intake.  From the first spoonful, I was thinking about buying more. Frankly, I wanted to bathe in it. I wanted to wake up next to it and kiss it good morning, then make it breakfast.  It’s pretty amazing stuff.

Check it out, but if it’s the last pack, you and I may have a tough struggle ahead.