It’s Kinda My Thing™

I have decided to make a fake rock band.  Our name is: It’s Kinda My Thing™.

Here’s the challenge.  I want to see how word will get around about IKMT™ just by having you the reader (since you’re now in on it) talk about it as if it’s the coolest new band in music.  Here is what I’d suggest:

1.  If you hear anyone talking about music, mention It’s Kinda My Thing™.

2.  If you’re at a bar, and people are talking, mention It’s Kinda My Thing™.

3.  If you’re in the a public restroom and someone taps their foot under the stall in your direction, mention It’s Kinda My Thing™.

4.  Mention It’s Kinda My Thing™ to your church’s clergy.

5.  Bring up It’s Kinda My Thing™ in a conversation with your boss or co-workers.

6.  Make a Facebook status post about It’s Kinda My Thing™.

7.  Design and wear an “unofficial” It’s Kinda My Thing™ Tshirt.

The list goes on and on..

The beautiful part is, since it’s fake, it can be whatever kind of music you would like it to be.  The key here would to be like of vague.  Rather than saying It’s Kinda My Thing™ is a “death metal thrash band from Pittsburgh”, you’d want to say “It’s Kinda My Thing™ is a metal band from the east coast”. You could even just say, “It’s my friend’s band.”

This may seem like a “WTF” type of experiment, but you’d be amazed at what the power of word of mouth can do.  Give it a shot!