Third time’s a charm..

COPS (TV series)
Filming soon on the streets of South Saint Paul?

So for the third time since moving in to the house, a drunk driver had an accident right out front.  Andy’s car was spared this time around as the drunk decided to wedge his car into (and partially under) the neighbor’s truck.  I charged outside in a pair of shorts and saw the driver attempting to walk away, and told him to sit down until the police came.  I ran back inside to get a shirt and shorts (I didn’t want to be the “shirtless witness” if  COPS happened to be filming a South Saint Paul episode) and when I came out, he was gone.  He returned a few minutes later with his wife (pissed) who examined the car (totaled), and told him he’d made a big mistake (obvious).

The police showed up, took him to jail, and the tow truck came to pull the car out…but…the car’s engine had dropped out of the car and the smaller tow truck had to call a much bigger one to un-wedge the car from the wrecked truck THEN pull it (and dragging the engine across the street) onto the big truck.  What a mess.

I’ve said it before people.  If you’re going to drive drunk, just pay me $2000 and I’ll let you stay the night at my house.  It’s WAY cheaper than a DWI, and you’ll even have a nice sofa to on which to sleep and a nice bucket in which to puke.  Hell..I’ll even let you shower in the morning and I can throw in coconut water to get rid of that hangover.  It’s a deal.



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