Lefty or righty?

Mikaeri Tommy Kun
Awfully happy to not be peeing.. HEY! A LEFTY!

Maritza wrote:

I am a big fan of your blog Sean.  I am writing to you to ask your opinion of something.  I am European and have been dating an American man for about 5 months.  We recently took a trip together and, like most couples do, discovered many new things about each other.  One thing I discovered has me feeling uneasy.  My boyfriend holds “it” with his right hand while urinating.  I was raised to view the right hand as social (and therefore it must be clean) and the left hand as the “duty hand” and I know it was the same for my brother, but it appears as if this is not a common practice?  When I talked to my boyfriend about it, he said he saw my point but it felt weird holding “it” with his left hand since he’s a right-handed person.

Which is corrrect?  I’d like to put this debate to bed.




Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way a man should hold his junk while peeing.  I can see your point about the right hand being social (we shake hands with it, etc) so perhaps it SHOULD be that way?  After all, statistics say that only 20-30% of men actually wash their hands after using the restroom.  It’d definitely make things a little cleaner for us.  Maybe you could start a “Be a man, use your left hand” internet campaign.  Until then, you’ll just have to convince your boyfriend it’s simply more hygienic.