Conversation with Olivia..

Maroon 5

I was driving Olivia to my mom’s this morning before I headed off to work and Maroon 5’s “Misery” played on the radio.

Part way through the song, Olivia said, “That verse doesn’t make sense.”

I asked, “What verse?”

“The one that goes “your soft skin and mixing with mine”,” she replied.

(I smiled and tried to think of an innocent explanation for the REAL lyrics that go, “Your salty skin and how it mixes in with mine.”)

“He’s saying, “Your salty skin and how it mixes in with mine”,” I said.  “You know, how your hands get sweaty when you hold them together for too long?  Maybe, that’s what he meant.  Sweat is salty and her hands could be sweaty from holding his.”

Without stopping, Olivia added, “Or sweaty from wearing rubber gloves..”

True Olivia, true.