MASKS we wear

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Lucy wrote:


This may seem like a weird question, but is it normal for a guy to wear a facial toning/eye mask to bed?  I’ve never seen it before but the guy I’ve been dating says it’s something “every guy does”.  Is this true?  If so, maybe I’ve been dating naturally hot guys that don’t need masks.




I have never heard of any guy wearing a night mask to bed.  In fact, I’ll consult with several other guys in the office at work today, but I am pretty sure that is automatic revocation on all man cards and a demotion to “sissy” status.  You can now start calling your boyfriend Darlene.

All joking aside, if he wants to wear a mask, let him.  He may need it.  You don’t want to have him waking up and looking like Sloth from Goonies.  You just need to decide if the mask is a deal breaker.