Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, Galleria d...
A man also needs to know how to dance in a bubble, apparently..


What makes a man, a man?  I admit, I usually like the bad boy types, because to me the guys are the personification of a “man”.  They are in control, they pay for things, they are cocky and confident, aggressive, and they don’t take any sh*t from anyone.  To me, that’s what makes a man a real man, however, my friends all say I’m nuts.  What’s your take?




I think you’re nuts too.  The “bad boy” types are not men, they’re grown up boys that never let go of childhood issues.  Bad boy types are irresistible to some women because of an innate need to fix “broken” people or because they’re considered taboo, but dating a bad boy usually just leads to pain and heartache.  Here’s a list qualities a “real man” should possess:

1.  Intelligent.  By intelligent, I mean educated (not just “good at fixing stuff” he breaks) and socially savvy. Too many booksmarts and no social skills do not make a man.

2.  Healthy.  The bad boy types usually come along with copious amounts of booze, cigarettes, or drugs.  Along with those three come cancer, STDs, and addiction.  Not healthy?  Not a man.

3.  Responsible.  You can be richer than GOD, but if you don’t know about financial modesty and how to handle your finances, you’re dumber than hell.  Responsibility also goes for a man’s actions and the actions of his friends.  Are you in your 30’s and still getting into fights in bars or social cliques?  Lame.  Not responsible?  Not a man.

4.  Honest.  Has any woman reading ever dated a guy that was a really good liar?  He probably also told you you were ‘perfect” or “flawless” too (which was a lie).  A real man can understand the flaws you see in your character and help you work to fix them.  A real man will also be honest even if it leads to an argument, because he sees the value that honesty plays in his character.  Some decisions don’t come easy.  Decide to be a man.

5.  Caring.  Plain and simple, if a man doesn’t care for and show respect for people, he isn’t a man.  That a-hole you dated that treated you like crap and bought you expensive things to make up?  Not a man.

6.  Handy.  Real men know the world and how much of it works.  How you react in any level of an emergency is important.  Every man should know how to paint, drywall, wire something, stop a leak, put out a fire, etc…but real men should also know how to remove a stain, how to fix a broken heel, how to construct a makeshift hair tie, and how to make a woman feel like a million bucks.  Real men see themselves and the world around them.

It’s not hard to “be a man”, but as I said above, it takes an understanding of one’s self and how they fit into the world around them to make it all work.