Remodeling the Y

Bay Window   Curtains
Long curtains..

TreSa76 wrote:


Have you ever known anyone to get vaginal reconstruction? I have been considering it lately because I’ve had three kids and things just feel out of place down there.  It’s not like it’s a giant sinkhole or anything, but it’s definitely lost the elasticity.  What I want is a Prius and what I have is a ’76 Monte Carlo, if you get my drift.  I’d like to know if everything I hear is right.  Is it safe to get these things done?  Have you heard anything negative? Have you heard anything at all?



I’ve heard of vaginal reconstruction surgery and I do know people that have had it done.  It comes in several flavors: labiaplasty (trimming the curtains), vaginoplasty (downsizing the garage for your Prius), and lymenoplasty (putting up new wallpaper).  All three are said to be minor to medium level surgeries and all three mean you’ll have to lay off of the sex for three to six months following the procedure.

All in all, it’s the same as most other cosmetic surgeries..a snip-snip here, a tuck-tuck there, and you’re right back out in the world.  I personally don’t condone cosmetic surgeries, but if you feel you’ll be happier, then go for it.  Good luck!