I got a raise..

I got a raise today and was trying to think of all of the things I could do with it.

1.  I could buy a car.  A toy Barbie car..with no batteries..from a garage sale.

2.  I could buy a swimming pool for the yard.  It’d be a 4ft round plastic Care Bears pool..on clearance.

3.  I could start my own business.  Giving away free business advice.

4.  I could buy a new house..for Olivia’s ZhuZhu pets….from Big Lots…on closeout.

5.  I could pay for one 5th of one month’s gym membership.

6.  I could take my family for a blizzard at Dairy Queen..on buy one get one free day.

7.  I could buy a new running shoe.  Just one.

8.  I could make a few long distance calls from a payphone.

9.  I could make a nice taco salad..even with crumbled Doritos.

10.  I could almost fill my gas tank…for a few days.

11.  I could have a night out a the bar…assuming they don’t charge me for the lemon in my water..

12.  I could buy a 24 pack of Coke, if someone paid for half.

Yeah, it wasn’t the raise I’d hoped for, but I made light of it…