On blast

Kiera wrote:


I have been fighting with this guy I’ve been seeing for a few months and he put me on blast on Facebook.  Now he and I are in a back and forth and everyone can see.  Any tips on how I can get out of this with my reputation in tow?  He is being vicious.




I hate the term “put ___(you, he, she, her, him, a name) on blast” for two reasons. First, it’s not blasting anyone..it’s simply stating something that has to do with them.  Secondly, it’s childish.  People don’t need to know every detail of every argument you have with someone.  Leave that crapfest off of your Facebook page and deal with it in private.  These public relationship battles on Facebook are about as annoying as people who post cryptic messages like, “This always happens to me..”  or “I am so mad right now!”  (If you’re not going to be an adult and just explain yourself, why make people guess?!?)  As far as getting out of whatever mess you’re in, all I can say is that you need to be the bigger person here and clam up.  Don’t keep responding or posting things.  If you have to, block this person and ask your friends to do the same.