Pride in the name of love.

My daughter Olivia is incredibly strong and I am constantly amazed at her strength.  Though she sometimes fusses over the small things, she has never let me down when it comes to the bigger things in life.  When she was five, she fell on a nail, causing it to go all of the way into her arm.  She cried, but stopped the instant I told her she wasn’t bleeding.  She stepped on a nail this year and it was the same thing.  She’s been sick, she’s been lonely, she’s been bored, and she’s been hurt.  Whenever there’s a hardship, she doesn’t whine, she adapts.  She’s a tough cookie.

We also live almost 30 minutes away from her school friends so she doesn’t see them much, but she’s managed to make friends with local neighbors and is becoming the socialite I always knew she’d be.  In her spare time, she does her own laundry, babysits her little niece and nephew, helps water the lawn (and mows occasionally), makes jewelry, and creates music.  I can also count on her to throw in a witty comment from time to time and play off of my jokes (which most kids don’t yet understand-hell, most adults don’t either..).

Today is the start of her third grade year, and despite being extremely excited and somewhat nervous, she still made time to water the lawn, find a sweater for herself, and pose for a picture before going off to Grandma and Grandpa’s to go to school.  She’s 8 1/2 now and I am so proud of her for being who she is..herself.  She’s got her own style and her own sense of self and I think that’s wonderful.

Congratulations Olivia, on your first day of third grade.  I love you.