View from the other guy’s eyes.

The Guy Who Came Back


Anonymous wrote:


I am in love with a woman that is going to be married in October.  She keeps saying she loves both of us (her fiancee doesn’t know about things) and that she doesn’t want to be without us both, but I don’t know how we can keep things going and without him finding out.  I do truly love her and she even swears I’m the only one she’s sleeping with.  If she gets pregnant, I worry it’ll be mine and the husband will definitely know it’s not his (he’s black, I’m an Irish readhead..see the issue?). 

What should I do?  Should I hurt her and let her go or should I stay and risk everything?




You should go.  Go now, and go far away.  Say your goodbyes and never contact her again.  You’re the “other guy” and you will never be a main part of her life, even if she has a child by you.  She is MARRYING someone else!  You’re there because you fell for whatever line she told you about the only one.  Do you honestly think she isn’t sleeping with (or won’t sleep with) him?  I call that a load of BS, and unfortunately, you fell for it.

I’m all for doing things out of love, but there are so many red flags here, it makes my head spin.  If she loves you so much, why not break things off with the fiancee?  Let’s say she DOES leave him for you.  What if she becomes bored with you?  Will she cheat on you behind your back too?  What if she takes her fiancee back as the other man?

It’s drama, plain and simple, and you need to keep it as far away from your life as possible.