Look up.

Ryanne wrote:


Does it frustrate you that people these days don’t update their Facebook?  It seems to me that you shouldn’t even have one if you’re never online.  I update mine several times a day by phone and I have a friend that only goes on once a week or so and ends up missing all of her emails and comments we try to include her in.  It’s really frustrating to know that she’s fallen outside of our loop of friends. How do I get her to change and get back online?  I know she has a smartphone, everyone does these days.




You don’t..you need to get offline and be more personal.  Your friend is obviously capable of living life outside of her phone.  Why can’t you?

We’ve made the shift from a social society, to a digital society.  I don’t know exactly when it happened, but to look around in public lately I can see we’ve changed.  Where there used to be people making eye contact, talking, greeting one another, and laughing, there is not a sea of people staring downward into their phones and laptops.  We ignore each other on the streets now and become anxious when we’re put in a position where we have to say hello or make even light conversation. We know our devices better than we know ourselves.

Mobile phones haven’t made life easy, they’ve made social life harder.  We can watch our favorite show on our lunch hour, then watch it in the car on the way home, start the next episode over dinner, check email again, update Facebook, then watch another episode.  I even see people at the gym “working out” and watching TV on their phones (though I don’t think you can really work out very hard while watching tv..what good are you lifting weights with only one hand?).

Accidents are also up.  We watch our phones more than we watch the road.  I see parents cruising down the street and running red lights, staring at a phone while their children watch the world around them from the backseat.  Is our email really more important than the child in the back?

The kids haven’t gotten addicted yet, and as a result, they still see the beauty in the world.  The minute we give them a phone, the world begins to narrow.  The blinders get smaller and smaller until the only world they know is what is in front of them or what is on their phone.

When is the last time you went without your phone for a day?  Did you feel lost when you got back to it?  On the other hand, when is the last time you had a good conversation and some good laughter?  When is the last time you said “hi” as a stranger made eye contact while walking by?

Put down your phone, look up, and see the beauty in the world around you.  Your friend has the right idea.  Life is what you live, not what you live through your phone.

Editor’s note:  I update my facebook more on some days than others.  It is mostly done by computer (left on at work) and only occasionally by phone at home or once I’ve arrived at the PT job…just in case some of you were writing in to blast me about that.