Bloody Mary


So here is the trailer for Paranormal Activity 3.  If you’ve read back into my blog, you’ll know that I find these movies extremely scary even though I don’t believe in ghosts.  Part 3 looks to be just as scary as the first two in my opinion.

Anyway, after watching the trailer last night several times, I woke up this morning about 3AM standing in the kitchen, freezing my ass off (the windows were open).  I went back to bed and thought nothing of it.  I then woke up after my alarm went off and wandered into the bathroom to start my normal morning routine.  Just as I was finishing my shower, I opened the shower curtain as the light slowly went out.  This wasn’t a normal power outage where the lights flicker then go completely dark, it was a slow and steady decline into darkness. I’ve never seen an outage like that.  Also, not the right time to start remembering the end of the PA3 trailer.

There I stood in the shower, wet, naked, and frozen in momentary fear.  I thought to myself if this was someone trying to scare me, I’d shit myself right there in the shower….maybe pee a bit and faint like a pansy?  I fumbled a bit, but finally grabbed my towel and put it on, then rushed for the switch.  JUST as I was about to touch the light switch, the light came back on and everything was fine.  The clocks in the house were all also blinking from the outage, but it weirded me out.  Now, I am even more excited to see the movie.