Fighting to lose

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Ryan R wrote:


I am in need of motivation.  I have let myself go since getting married and my sex life is in the dumpster.  In fact, I could say we’ve both let ourselves go and neither one of us feels attractive.  We’ve done gym stuff, but it lasts for a few months and then gets put aside because one of us gets sick or something comes up.  We’ve tried healthy eating but we both enjoy food and don’t want to eat cardboard.  What do we do?  I assume you’re still healthy, so I was wondering what you’d recommend?

Ryan R

Ryan R,

Yup, still healthy here.  In fact, I’ve done a few different things in the course of the last year.  I bulked up and added some muscle mass, I worked on endurance, and now I’m working on slimming everything down again and adding some definition.  No matter what I’m working on, I always follow three principles:

1.  Don’t allow roadblocks-It’s easy to get distracted by things like common colds, work life, family things, etc., but the first key to success is to not allow roadblocks.  You’ve set a goal for yourself and no matter what that goal may be, you need to achieve that goal.  I’m not saying to skip out on family events or things like that, but make sure if the family things fall on a “workout day” that you still make sure to get your workout in.  Stay in your routine.  If you get sick, find an herbal remedy and do light exercise until you’re better.  The more excuses you give yourself to get sidelines, the easier it is to take “time off”.  Eliminate those excuses.

2.  Eat what you enjoy, but moderate it-You don’t have to starve yourself or eat a diet of tasteless and bland foods to lose weight.  My motto is to eat healthy 90% of the time and allow “grey area” for the remaining 10%.  Find some cookbooks or recipes that follow your dietary goals and start cooking.  I eat a healthy breakfast, always bring my lunch for work (and I pack as healthy as possible), and I have a healthy afternoon snack, but my dinner is where I allow a little “grey area” such as pizza or something fun.  Stick to your plan of caloric intake and dietary guidelines, but make sure you enjoy your foods.  I also strongly believe in supplements like fish oil, CLA, protein, and a host of others.  Talk to a professional and stock up for success.

3.  Don’t go a day without challenging yourself.  Your workout can easily plateau and your early results can quickly fade if you don’t push yourself with your workouts.  Give yourself mini-challenges like “two more reps” or “one more minute” for a period of time to avoid those plateaus.  On a more regular basis, challenge yourself to make healthy choices with things like taking the stairs, going for a walk, or any other small scale physical activity.  Any extra calorie burned is still an extra calorie burned. Also evaluate your post-work life.  If your idea of healthy is coming home and relaxing for three hours, then working out and coming home to bed, you may want to evaluate your gym routine and hit the gym right after work.  The more time you give yourself between your workout and bedtime, the longer your post-workout calorie burn will be.


In a nutshell, we all get sidelined from time to time, but the key is to stay focused and stay motivated.  Keep your goals in mind with everything you do and things will work out for you.  Good luck!