A numbers game.

Square numbers end on 3
Woah..that guy in the lower left is a whore..

Troy wrote:


I am 32 and recently started dating this 28 year old woman and we had the whole “how many have you slept with?” talk.  I told her mine (honestly..14..) and she told me hers (honestly..70).  She didn’t even hesitate, she just said straight out “70” like it was no big deal.  I was shocked, but played it off like it was nothing.  Isn’t there a such thing as too many partners?  Now, I can’t even dream of slipping into that cesspool and it’s ruined our sex life.  What do I do?




You grow the hell up Troy.  Did she say that all of the men she’s slept with were dirty, unprotected sex partners?  If so, you have a right to be upset.  If not, who cares?  Let’s say she lost her “flower” at the national average of 16.  It’s not like she had a penis carnival in her bedroom from 16 to 28.  She may have had some short relationships or some trysts that didn’t work for the long term, but it’s not the number that matters, it’s whether or not she was responsible about it that should be your focus.

I think you have the underlying issue of feeling inadequate here.  Chances are, a woman that’s slept with 70 men has had all shapes and sizes and your chances of being “the best” are diminished, which makes you feel inadequate.  Consequently, if you have a tiny schmeckel, you’re also facing some setbacks too.  My advice to you is to get over it.  70 is just a number…if she was responsible, you have nothing but your skill to worry about.