Rage against the poutine.

Poutine from Patati Patata in Montreal

Damn you poutine and your delicious cheesy gravy-ness!

Dell wrote:


Has french kissing gone the way of the Walkman?  I mean, has it disappeared?  I remember growing up, french kissing was intense and passionate.  I spent hours in high school and college make out sessions, kissing to my heart’s content.  Over the last 20 years, however, the french kiss has become a thing of the past.  Nowadays, I am dating women that either try their best to shove their tongue down your throat while kissing or the women who are “lips only”, both are horrid and mind numbingly irritating to endure.  My question to you is what happened?  Where did french kissing go? 




It must be some secret conspiracy against the French.  Maybe we’ll also see a decrease in French fries, and poutine now that kissing is out of the way.  Maybe we’ll even raid France and force the women there to shave their legs and wear deodorant.  How dare they let their leg hair grow like that!!


In all seriousness Dell, I don’t think French kissing has gone away, but as we grow older, we all develop our own preferences which may include (gasp) not liking tongue with our kisses.  I’ll admit, I am not a huge fan of tongue.  Too much tongue with a kiss induces a toe-curling, nauseating response in my body that can only be likened to eating ten pounds of yogurt while riding a tilt-a-whirl for 3 hours…but then again, that’s my preference.

Maybe you’re not finding the right type of women.  My advice to you is to somehow work your kissing preference into conversation and see what info you can find.  Nothing like, “So, I like to taste tonsils when I kiss..do you?”.  Stick to the conversation pieces like, “So what type of kisser would you say you are?” or “I don’t really know how to say this, but I feel French kissing is a lost art…”  Okay, maybe not the last one without a few dozen drinks, but you get my point.

Good luck.