Ariah wrote:


I have a weird situation.  I started going out with a guy recently that is starting to show what I’d consider to be red flags.  First, he won’t tell me what he does for a living (he’ll skirt around it and be vague).  Next, he won’t ever tell me where he is or what he’s up to IF I can get ahold of him (he says “nothing” then changes the conversation).  Finally, I said “IF” in that last sentence because he keeps disconnecting and reconnecting his number.  He’s gone days sometimes without calling me back.  The whole thing is making me uneasy.

What’s up with this guy?




Who cares what’s up with this guy?  It’s time to go.  Something isn’t checking out here and you’d be safer getting out of the picture sooner than later.  Have you done any criminal background checks?  If you can, do one..or at least Google the guy and see what you can find.  He could be secretive, but he could also have a host of other criminal or ethical issues going on.  Something isn’t right here and if you just started dating this guy and you’re already feeling uneasy, it’s better to get out now and be better off.