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Mary wrote:


I hope you were listening to KS95 today.  They were talking about momma’s boys who were pampered by their mothers and it was disgusting.  One woman brought her son a meal on a regular plate while everyone else ate off of paper plates, one woman would bring her son breakfast in bed (and uy him whatever he wants), and another even cut her son’s meat at dinner until he was in college!

I was appalled that there are parents out there that pamper their kids (and even grown up kids) that much.  What is this world coming to?  As our children mature, we should be teaching them social skills, organization skills, and lessons in morality and responsibility, not doing everything for them.  I feel this is just one reason we have so much greed in America-baby boomer parents set a bad example for their kids and they went on to have kids and continued the trend.  Now, America has become an “all about me” country and not a country that believes in helping your fellow man, fairness, living within our means, and being organized.  Instead of learning from our ancestors who worked hard for their lifestyle, we’ve turned ourselves and our children into greedy, whimpy, pampered little brats.  What is your take on this?




I couldn’t agree more.  I caught the show today and feel that parents like this need a wake up call.  Kids need to learn the value of hard work, responsibility (for themselves and those around them), organization, and mental discipline at an early age if we expect them to be reasonable adults.

As far as pampering parents making the world what it is, I think you may be on to something, but if this is true, it’s only slightly one of the causes.  We have much bigger issues facing America today and even though I think a mother cutting her child’s toenails until they’re an adult is reprehensible, it’s probably not the reason the economy is in the crapper.