Internet oddities

Eric wrote:

Hey man,

I’ve been doing some investigating and I really think people’s names will dictate who they are on Facebook.  For example:

1.  People names Sammi (Sammy, Sammie) have a tendency to make kissy faces, take angled shots, or show cleavage.

2.  People named Aaron prefer solo profile pics over group pics.  It’s a 2:1 differential.

3.  Melissas love pics of their kids or their partner.

4.  Seans take pics that either obscure their face or put up pics that aren’t of them at all.

5.  Mindys love other people with them in their pics.

6.  Marks like success, fire, and shirtless pics.

Is it me that is seeing this??  Check it out for yourself.  I think I am on to something.


Better Yet Eric, we’ll have the readers check for themselves.  Readers, log into your Facebook.  Type a first name (one of the ones above or your own) and email me if you think Eric’s on to something.  What does YOUR name say about your Facebook behavior?