Baby face

Dawn wrote:


I just had a baby with my husband whom I’ve been married to for three years. We’d tried and tried, and when the baby finally came out-it was much uglier than I’d hoped.  I know, it looks bad having a mother say this, but this little guy is on the far side of ugly as far as babies go.  He literally looks like he could be ET’s cousin.

My husband thinks he’s the most adorable baby he’s ever seen, but sometimes I want to breakdown and just ask, “Really??  You don’t think he’s ugly?”  I don’t know what to do Sean.  I’ve wanted a baby so long that I feel really let down by what we ended up having.  How do I get past this?




This is a tough one.  Part of me feels that your baby is cute, but you’re going through some baby blues or postpartum depression and that is influencing how you feel, but the other part (after having seen some ugly babies here in MN while out and about) says that you may indeed be the parent of an unattractive baby.  No worries though, they almost always grow out of it and get into a cute stage.  Babies go through several stages:

They come out looking like this:

Then they turn into this:

Then this:

I like babies, and think they’re almost always cute, but as some of my friends would say, “they start off as wrinkly, stinky, wiggly beings and eventually become more adorable”.  Ugly baby phase is just a phase.  I’ve never seen an ugly baby last past the age of two..except, this one may have a tough transition:

Oof.  Look at that guy.  He looks like a fully grown man that’s been age reversed.  In fact, he looks like Jim Gaffigan (a comedian for those of you that don’t know) magically turned into a baby.  Here’s his

Look at it this way, if this was your baby, he can pay for your retirement with his successful future comedy career.