My take?

Anonymous wrote:


What’s your take on the Occupy ____ (insert sate or “Wall Street” here) movements?  I think it’s a bunch of rubbish.  I’m poor, but I’m not blaming wall street.  I’m blaming the rich.




I’m surprised no one asked me this earlier.  My take is that there are some people who think protesting will help to change the way our nation is headed, there are some who disagree.  I, for one, also feel things need to change, but they need to change on both sides.

Wall Street and the super rich have steered our nation toward disaster one too many times and there needs to be a system of checks and balances to make sure a corporation can’t buy legislation like they often do today.  There also needs to be more regulation in the banking, investment, and mortgage industries as well.  If you’re a someone would argue that capitalism is a survival of the fittest arena, I’d argue that the man who most consider to be the founder of American capitalist (and early Republican) viewpoints would also argue that we need 3 things:  Religious Freedom, a limit to accumulate goods, and a balance of trade.  We seem to have lost sight of those principles as the super rich have begun to horde money, land, and kill legislation that would equate to more freedom.  Protesters have the right idea, but staying unorganized is a recipe for disaster.  Will protesting help?  Not in my opinion.  While the protesting has been going on, Wall Street seems unchanged.  Things will only change when people turn their wallet into a wrecking ball.  Stop investing.  Pull out your stocks.  Stop spending money at your “evil companies” and watch how quickly things can change.  Invest in local ventures and local business.  Put your money in “Main Street” and private business, and most importantly, vote…don’t expect others to change the tide of the nation if you’re not willing to stand with them.

There are also a host of abuses by those in “the 99%”.  First, this is a protest, not Woodstock.  Leave the drugs at home and do what you set out to do.  For those of you abusing the welfare system by selling drugs while still claiming to be poor, you’re just as guilty as Wall Street.  You should be ashamed.  Anyone abusing the system, for that matter, should be ashamed.  If you’re claiming to be poor and jobless, but you’re using your parents’ retirement money to fund your lifestyle of Xboxes, new cars, jewelry, expensive clothing, or any other “image” materials, you deserve a slap in the face.  Stop buying crap you don’t need and start saving your money while looking for a job.  I could also email you a block of places that are hiring at decent wages (probably better than not working, huh?), if you’d put your pride aside and just work.  It’ll be dirty and you may hate the work you have to do, but it’ll be income until you can find something better.  Poverty is skewed today because of the number of those abusing the system.  You’re not poor if you drive a Mercedes, even if it’s used.  How can I say that?  It’s $50 plus for an oil change.  Not cheap, so I know you can afford to pay for it.  Stop taking money from those that need it and stop living outside of your means.

That’s really all I have to say about that.