To wear or not to wear..

Alise wrote:


Help me settle a debate.  I recently purchased some rather risque clothing for “entertaining” my husband.  Nothing over the top, just some sexy lingerie.  When I told my girl friend about this, she laughed it off and said guys only care about what’s under the clothing.  She feels that lingerie is a waste of money because guys basically want a girl to be naked.  I say that guys are turned on by lingerie because it shows a little preview of what is to come.  What do you think?  Who’s right?



Unfortunately, I think your friend is right, if we’re talking about what guys want in a general sense.  Frankly, I never

The reality of lingerie, as opposed to the fan...
What a mess..

understood the point of lingerie (except for exotic dancers, costumes, and club theme nights).  Lingerie in the bedroom seems to be just one more thing to take off.

Look at it this way:  You’re getting hot and heavy with a guy and just as things begin to get steamy, you ask to move to the bedroom.  Once you walk him into the bedroom, you excuse yourself and walk into the bathroom to “change” (thereby killing the momentum).  THEN, instead of coming out “unwrapped”, you simply put on a more sheer, but more complicated piece of clothing.  Now, instead of sliding shirts and pants off, he has to undo straps, pull off panty hose, untangle multiple bands, etc.  Not at all sexy.  Yeah, you may have felt like he enjoyed it (and he may have), but the only thing he thought about when you walked in in lingerie was, “How do I get that off and get down to business?”

Now, not ALL guys feel this way, but I’d be willing to bet that most guys do.  Lingerie is great to look at, but not fun to mess with and CERTAINLY not entertaining in the bedroom.

Guys, what do YOU think?