What to wear (responses)

I received a good number of responses on the To wear or not to wear post from yesterday.  One person (a woman) disagreed with me on Facebook, but the guys that emailed in responses all seemed to be in agreement with my point:

Anonymous wrote:

I hate lingerie for two reasons:  It’s spendy.  It’s useless.  Want me to be turned on?  Go naked.


Ben wrote:

Lingerie blows.  It’s like opening a can of coke and pouring it into another glass when it was fine as it was.  Don’t undress just to put something else on ladies!


Chris wrote:

Lingerie is good for club theme nights, for strip clubs, and for costumes, but not good for at home wear.  It’s simply a waste of time.


Baron D wrote:

I totally agree Sean.  Lingerie is like double wrapping a gift.  It’s just a crappy thing to do to a guy.


Mark wrote:

Lingerie isn’t all bad if a woman is already wearing it when you get home, but if she went to go change into it, I’d go watch some TV.


Anonymous (another one):

Lingerie is for people that like mullets and cheap beer.  And the Packers.


And there we have it.  A general male consensus is that lingerie is not worth purchasing for at home entertaining.  When in doubt, leave it out.


2 thoughts on “What to wear (responses)

  1. As a formerly single gal likes keeping the windows open the entire summer season, I’d have to say lingerie works well if you’re a bit of a nudist but for the sake of your neighbors you must wear something. I made many more friends that way– especially when I needed help installing a ceiling light fixture last fall.

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