Listen up.

Anonymous wrote:


I caught the music you’ve put up on FB lately.  What else are you listening to?  I need to refresh my workout playlist.




Thanks for writing.  I haven’t done a music post lately, so it’s about time I put some up.  Good idea.  Here’s what I’ve been listening to in the past few weeks (some are the songs from FB for those that aren’t yet my friends there):

Ryan Adams-Two


Talks To Animals-Wolves (Unicorn Kid Remix)


Ironik (ft Jessica Lowndes)-Falling in Love


Jane’s Addiction-Irresistible Force


Unicorn Kid-Boys of Paradise


ATB-Apollo Road


And finally, I was introduced to a local band here called “Love Songs For Angry Men”.  Amazing..sorry I couldn’t find any decent video to show you for them, but look them up.