So I received some negative feedback on my recent music selection and was asked to explain myself, so I thought I’d take a minute to offer up my two cents.

I like all types of music (but not much rap or R&B because I feel it’s corroding our society), and I don’t judge anyone who likes different types of music.  I’ve always been a fan of alternative and rock, but it is simply too difficult to work out to.  I’d like to find one person that can run for 4 minutes to Third Eye Blind’s “How It’s Gonna Be”.  It’s just not meant for the gym…it’s meant for background noise while hanging out, a lonely bar, or rocking out in your car.

The Day of Electronic Music 2009 1
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I found electronic music almost a 20 years ago.  A friend of my brother and I introduced us to a band called Front 242, who I’d consider to be a pioneer of industrial/trance music.  There was just something vast about the sound.  It was almost like floating in space and it was incredible.  Since then, I’ve grown to love trance and dubstep.  It is PERFECT (in my opinion) music for the gym because it has a consistent beat for running, motivational music, and still has that “out in space” feel to it.  The result is motivation without the rage that hard-rock/metal (some people’s choice for gym music) provides.  Don’t misunderstand me either, I still have THAT on my Ipod, but I stick to the classics there.

As a kid, I remember dinking around on my grandmother’s electric organ.  I’d find a few chords that I found beautiful and play them over and over again.  I learned to play bits of songs that I liked, such as, “Final Countdown”, “St. Elmo’s Fire”, and the theme song to “Zelda a Link to the Past” (yay nerds!).  Electronic music makes me feel like I did back then as a kid.  Someone plays a series of notes or chords and then ADDS to it with a beat and extra sounds.  Some may say it’s just a series of bloops and bleeps, but I think it’s beautiful and (since I am the only one listening to it with my Ipod) that’s all that matters.