Old soul

I have been called an old soul at times.  An “old soul” is someone that naturally seems wiser than their physical age (by definition).  I do t think I necessarily fit that mold, but I feel I have been through things that have aged me emotionally.  As a result, I am calm in the face of adversity, I can think quickly about both immediate and long term effects of ny actions, I can “read people” better than anyone I know, and I am only improving my skills with time.  The downside is that sometimes, I feel emotionally “tired”, almost as if I blew through a lifetime of emotion by my early 20s and now I’m in the later years of my emotional life.  I’ve been accused of being cold at times, and of being more analytical than empathetic.  Its true.  For some reason, its not only easier for me, its less draining.  I need to find my emotional fountain of youth.  Physically, I feel 20.  Emotionally, I feel 80.


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