Crap throwing monkeys

Anonymous wrote:


Maybe you can help me.  I have recently begun seeing someone who seems to have bad luck with relationships.  Not only that, but I’ve noticed after looking at her Facebook page that she has a tendency to broadcast her relationship issues one by one to her Facebook wall and get comments on them.  From what I can tell, she had a relationship that had a possessive guy, she had one where her was an abusive/lying/manipulating prick, she had one that was insecure, etc. 

On the outside, she seems to confident, but this all seems a little too childish for me.  I mean, who broadcasts their relationship issues these days?  It’s like Myspace in high school.  Awful, and a huge turn off.  What’s your take?  Should I break things off?



People that broadcast every little relationship issue are, in my opinion, like those little monkeys at the zoo.  They throw their crap pieces and screech while hopping around just so people notice them.  It’s nothing more than a childish plea for attention.  No one needs to know every up and down of her relationship.  Arguments, disagreements, and other small issues should be between her and her partner, not all of Facebook.  By constantly having the public comment on her spats, she is trivializing the sanctity of the relationship.  Many of these people who go back into disastrous/abusive/dangerous relationships are simply asking for help because they don’t feel strong enough to leave the situation they’re in.  The comments they get are simply a crutch to get them to feel better about themselves.  These relationships always end badly (as you illustrated above), and after too many of them, the person usually starts a pattern of bad relationships.

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Should you distance yourself from her?  Yes, definitely.  Nothing good can come from this until she’s gotten some therapy and moved past her issues.  Good job noticing this one early.  Maybe you’ve saved yourself some drama.