Words I hate..

I get a decent number of emails these days and I’d just like to take a minute to explain that when writing me, there are a few words/phrases I hate.  Not only do these words make the email writer look like an idiot, they are most times not even correct in usage or spelling (sometimes both) and they drive me crazy.  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Ima (Imma, I’mma)- This is supposed to mean “I’m going to” or “I am about to” but for some reason, typing all those silly extra letters is just too straining on some people’s fingers so they shortened it.  Fergie and the BEP made it into a song lyric and all of a sudden people think it’s casual grammar.  Wrong.  Use this and the chances of me responding just dropped about 40%.

2.  Yea-  This word is pronounced like YAY (look it up here moron), not “YEAH”.  To use this in a sentence is like saying, “Yea, and though the Vikings dost loseth another game, my faith in them is untarnished.”  Chances are you’re not speaking in “Olde English”.   Use YEAH instead and you’ll make me happy.

3.  Ya-  This is a cousin to “Yea” in repeated misuse.  “Ya” isn’t pronounced “YEAH” , it’s pronounced like the woman saying it in the video below.  Unless you’re Frau Farbissina, use “YEAH” if you feel the need to make “YES” casual or to cheer “YEAH!”  DISCLAIMER:  Ya may at times be used to shorten “YOU”.  I will allow this.  By the way, that is chocolate on the little guy’s face for those of you that for some reason live in a cave and haven’t seen Austin Powers…yes, chocolate.

4.  Leaving “ed” off of past tense words.  Don’t say things like “I just pass my test yesterday” or “She slap me in our last fight.”  There is an “ed” that should be in all past tense verbs.  On the same note, don’t confuse “passed” for “past” either.  There is a 100% chance I will call you out in my post if this is done.

5.  Gunna– See #1.  It’s “Going to” or if you’re going to mistype it, use “Gonna” like they do in the comics.  Consistency people..consistency.

6.  Alot-IF (and it should be rarely) you use this word, it should actually be two words “a lot”..but it should actually be omitted from your vocabulary altogether.  Use “many”, “a great deal”, orother words/phrases in place.  This is like the silent fart of the English language.  Everyone’s done it, but no one will admit it unless they’re busted.

7.  Bout-  About.  It’s spelled “about”.  Putting that letter “a” before “bout” isn’t going to send you into finger cramp hell.  You’ll be fine, I promise.

8. Rite-  The word “rite” is a ceremonial practice of some sort.  “Right” is the opposite of wrong or a prescribed principal of freedom.  Think, “I am right” or “Stand up for your rights” and compare that to “a rite of passage”.  Let’s get it right. Alright?

Those are all I could find for now.  Other than the typical “their/they’re” and “your/you’re” errors, what are some that annoy you?



3 thoughts on “Words I hate..

  1. irregardless…lose the “ir:. A woman says this at work and drives me nuts. I haven’t corrected her yet. I just smirk when I hear it.

  2. One more that I hate? “Yaye”..as in Yay. Why did someone decide to add an “e”?? Did they feel it was just too short to be a word? Are they OCD about odd numbers of letters in words? Or..were they just stupid?

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