Athao wrote:


You give amazing advice, but I have one question, why are you still single?  I’d imagine women would be pawing at the door..

Athao (No offense if you don’t want to answer =) )



I’ve been asked this countless times, but haven’t really had the words to respond.  People used to ask why I didn’t have a new girlfriend or more kids and my usual response was, “Because being a single father is the most expensive, draining, and rewarding thing I have going right now.”  I didn’t have (and still don’t, really) a ton of money and I found women that wanted to do things and go places that I didn’t have funding for. that is a basic explanation of why I was single early on, but it’s not a good enough reason to still be single, now is it?

I am still single, because despite my best efforts to give great advice, I can’t always follow it myself.  I feel advice is subjective and relates to the people in the situation at that time, therefore it can’t be generally applied.  I’m also idealistic, stubborn, have unique perspectives, and I have less time and money than most men due to the whole single father thing. Since this blog began, I’ve met some phenomenal women and had some great experiences.  I don’t like rushing into emotions and I like to take my time.  I’ve learned lessons and I will continue to learn and grow and someday I am confident I will see a permanent end to my “singleness”.  Until then, it’s like learning to ride a bike..a few falls, some skinned knees, and a little frustration until one day I just stay up.  I am waiting patiently for that day.