So I was at Target yesterday with Olivia as we waited for her mom to come pick her up and I saw a man (with a kid in his backseat) driving very aggressively.  He sped into the teller lane, then quickly reversed and narrowly avoided T-boning two cars.  He stopped for a second, then sped in a reverse U-turn (almost running over a woman who jumped out of the way) into a parking spot.  She was standing up when the man got out of his car and he walked over and shoved her.  Another smaller man was coming out if the bank and saw him and this driver guy walked up, assaulted the man and pushed him several times into the bushes.

I looked over at Olivia and told her to stay in the car, then got out.  I asked the two people if they were okay as they took photos of the man’s car..they said they were fine.  Just then, the man came out of the bank and freaked out.  He swore, called us cowards and then charged me.  I deflected his first punch and dodged another, then grabbed his sleeve and spun him around.  He turned back and dove for my waist, at which point I pulled a “Happy Gilmore” and pulled the back of his sweatshirt up over his head.  I then threw him into a pole and he dropped his credit cards.  I wanted him to know I was controlling the situation but didn’t want to fight to I let him go gather his credit cards and he charged me again.  I deflected two more swings and grabbed his collar and twisted it saying, “You need to back off!  LET IT GO.”  I let go of his collar and he walked toward the car, pushed a woman and kicked the woman’s husband in the legs. With 3 angry men walking toward him, he jumped into his car and sped away.  The police showed up and two cars left to go track the man down.  The third officer received a distress call that the man was attacking them at his home.  They subdued him and brought him over to identify.  It turns out he had flown into a rage after being laid off,  and was just looking for a fight. 

I made sure Olivia was okay as I answered some questions.  She said she was scared for a bit, but the officer told her I was a hero for stepping in to make sure the two victims didn’t get hurt further.  Olivia seemed happy to hear that. She also got a free teddy bear.

I don’t like violence.  I try to avoid situations like this, but I also feel that people today don’t intervene often enough when people are in danger, so I stepped up.

What is the lesson to learn here?  Its bad enough to be laid off, but getting arrested for multiple assault charges won’t help you find another job any faster.