Chickens and such.

JT wrote:

I have a issue maybe you can help me with.  We have a friend Dan that we have nicknamed “Dangina” because he is basically the biggest puss any guy could ever be.  He cries at everything..and yet he gets laid.  What is this nonsense, you may ask?  It’s true, he does.  I can’t figure out how a guy that is so overly emotional and such a big baby can get as much attention from the women as he does.  Do you have any idea what his secret is or does he just have a giant wanger?

"Chicken." "No, you are!"




I am sure a “giant wanger” may help in some cases, but not all.  Chances are, your friend Dan is able to spot women that like emotional guys and he zeroes in on them.  You and your other friends may not have a clue as to what you want and you’re all over the board while Dan and his teary eyes are moving the hearts of a select few. I don’t have enough info here to tell you why he is so emotional, but I’d venture a guess that he knows it’s effective in getting what he wants, much like a two year old throwing a tantrum.

“Wanger” issues aside, you seem to be a bit jealous of your friend’s success, so I’ll just leave it with this piece of advice that a friend once gave me:  “If you chase every chicken in the coop, you’ll have a hard time catching one…but if you find the prize hen and keep your eyes on her, you’ll have your hands full in no time.”