Random thought..

I was working on a few posts over lunch and had a random thought enter into my brain:  Why hasn’t anyone remade any songs from the 90’s rock band Nelson?  Anyone remember “After the Rain” or “Love and Affection”?  Anyone?  Anyone?  We’ve updated songs from Madonna, AC/DC, Boys II Men, and even Metallica, but why no Nelson?

There were these twins in my junior high (I’ll withhold their names but anyone I went to school with will know who I am talking about) that wore the Nelson shirts for an entire year (maybe longer)..I would also venture to guess that those two and their friend accounted for about 90% of Nelson merchandise sales in South Dakota.  At that point, I’d seen one video and then Love and Affection appeared on MTV.  It was full of elaborate sets, two golden-haired idols skipping and rocking all over the stage in marble washed jeans and some sort of leather space cowboy outfit, and they even a hooky guitar intro.  All in all it was hair metal, but sugary hair metal, and it was great.

Now, I am not saying to bring Nelson back (I hear they’re still touring and stuff..come on guys, you had three good songs TOPS..give it up), but what I am wondering is why no one has remade “Love and Affection” with that catchy intro..that HAS to be there.  For Pete’s sake, Counting Crows even covered Joni Mitchell and we can’t get Nelson taken care of?

This is the kind of stuff that happens when I eat Chinese food.  Here’s the video for those of you that forgot.