Falling out

Zach wrote:


I recently started dating a woman who has alopecia universalis and was wondering what you knew about it.  I felt weird asking the girl once I found out she had it because I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.  I looked online and found out it’s an autoimmune disease, but does that mean it’s contagious?  If we have sex will my hair fall out?  I really like this girl and it doesn’t bother me at all that she has to hair on her head or anywhere else, but if it’s something contagious, it’s not something I want to contract.  Any info for me?




I actually dated a woman with this disorder for a bit before moving to Minnesota.  Much is still unknown about this disorder, but what IS known is that it is absolutely NOT contagious.  Alopecia universalis is a full body hair loss that comes from the body own immune system somehow altering itself and attacking the hair follicles.  This causes all of the hair to fall out.  People can sometimes regrow hair and overcome alopecia, but many live their lives with little or no regrowth.  Some choose to wear wigs, others choose to be “bald and beautiful”.  There are also other types of alopecia, and more information can also be found online, along with several lists of celebrities with the disorder.

If you like this girl, I applaud you for covering the bases to conquer your fears before you invest more.  Sometimes people get so caught up in the “newness” of things that they “sit on” their initial fears, then it comes back to haunt them.  If you can address them up front and overcome them, you’re better off.  I wish you luck with your new found flame.