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Tony wrote:


I know your turn off with hairy arm chicks.  I get it. MY turn off is that floppy pouch women have in front.  Some call them fupas, but the ones I’m talking about are floppy and there’s nothing worse than getting into the bing bang boom and seeing one of those jumping up and down like a little elf.  Anyway, my question to you is, do you ever get over it?  I’d like to.  I’m 27 and would like to get over it or find someone who doesn’t have one.  My other turn off is people that listen to soft rock or pop crap (like some of your music).  Metal for life baby.



Tony's sticking
This is the image I get when I think of a guy named Tony that listens to metal. He's the best part-time cook around..his mom says.


Yeaaaaahhh, here’s the thing.  I don’t know of anyone (including women that have had kids) that have a floppy pouch in front.  Are sure you have her naked or did she leave her fanny pack on?  Yes, some women have what you’re calling a fupa, which can be seen if they wear jeans or pants, and some somen have abdominal fat, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a floppy pouch.  Was she half kangaroo?

I am guessing you’re single at 27 because you say things like “bing bang boom” and “metal for life” (I’m surprised that you didn’t type it like “Metal4Lyfe” or something actually).  I have NOTHING against metal, but people that only listen to metal are usually damaged goods.  There has to be something wrong if you need that much rage filled music to get through your day.  It’s the same type of situation you find in people that only listen to rap.  If you’re only listening to what you want, it says to someone that you’re stuck in your ways and won’t value anyone else’s opinions as much as yours.  In short, you’re a selfish prick. Don’t be that guy Tony.