Rivers and streams.

Anonymous wrote:


Is there really someone out there for everyone?  I’m 24 years old and I’ve been heartbroken three times.  No one should have to go through this and yet, I went through it three times.  I just want to stay in my room and cry.  When am I going to find “the one”? 




There isn’t just one person out there for everyone.  Before you get scared, think about what you’re asking.  If there was

Young Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade
Um..no. I am not floating on THAT River..

truly ONE person out there for everyone, and say, the ONE person you were supposed to be with was killed by a meteor when he was two, you’d go your whole life searching for someone that died before you even knew what a relationship was.  Even if there were TWO people for every one person, your chances of finding either one are still immensely small..and what if that person chose the other one over you?

Love is like floating on a river.  We float along and bump into other random floaters.  As we get to know them, we grasp hands and hold together and grow.  If it all works, we find ourselves loving someone and potentially creating other new lives with someone we love more than life itself.  We don’t always find that though.  Sometimes we get hurt, we end up heartbroken and alone, and we have to sit up on the banks of that river of love and cry.  Later, when we muster up enough courage, we dip our feet in the river again, and in time, we’re swept away.

Everyone is going to have heartbreak at some point, but you can’t let it sink you.  There are literally billions of opportunities out there and not a single one is going to just fall into your lap.  You need to be out in the world in order for things to happen.  Everyone can find love in their lifetime.  Some..the lucky ones, find the love of a lifetime early, and others find it later.  Time isn’t the goal..love is the goal..and you just need to get back in the river.