Reason for the season

I was checking out a woman at GNC over the weekend and said, “Happy Holidays” as she left.  She stopped, turned to me and said, “Christ!  Christ is the reason for this season.  Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays!”, and walked out.

She left so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to think, but as I watched her back her car out and drive away, I thought about it.  No, Christ isn’t the reason for the string of Holidays that runs from Thanksgiving up to the New Year.  Was Christ hanging out with the pilgrims as they feasted with the Native Americans on Thanksgiving?  Was he like (waving his arm and making food appear), “Let’s do this people, I’ve got to take my nap at three.”  Is Christ the reason we have World AIDS Awareness Day?  I’m sure he’d say, “Um, that one was my dad.”  What about the day we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor?  What about Festivus, Kwanzaa, or Boxing Day?  Was Christ the first one to throw a NYE party?  He’d be running around his house saying, “Okay, who spilled wine on the rug?  Dad dammit, I’m turning this all back into water and making the fish and bread disappear if this happens again.  Sorry Zacchaeus, didn’t see you standing there.  Hey, who is Judas talking to over there?”

Christians may argue that without Christ, none of this is possible, but to non-Christians, the holidays are a time to celebrate everything from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and not even consider the religion they’re not a part of.  I respect everyone’s holidays and you can bet that when Christmas actually comes, I’ll be saying Merry Christmas along with the other 2.1 billion other Christians in this world.  Until then, it’s not Christ’s holiday, so I say Happy Holidays.

Now, I don’t think I could have said that without an argument, so I’m glad she hurried out.  I hope she has a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas when the day comes.