Olivia wonders.

Olivia has a curious imagination and is always  asking “what if..” statements.  Here are a few highlights:

1.  What if people had to toot (fart) three times a day but they had to squat to do it?

2.  What if people used butter like yogurt and yogurt like butter?

3.  What if Christmas was in summer?

4.  What if our days were 72 hours?

5.  What if the world was upside down and we walked on the ceiling?

6.  What if there were lawn mower roller skates?  (Keep in mind my lawnmower doesn’t have an engine..it’s a 1950’s style rotary cut).

7.  What if we could breathe under water?

8.  What if people were allergic to water?

9.  What if people didn’t use deodorant? (I told her about France.)

10.  What if people looked like they were laughing when they were crying?

11.  What if it was night time for a week?

12.  What if people didn’t poop?

13.  What if people ran instead of walked?

14.  What if we only had to work 1 hour a year? (She doesn’t work.)

15.  What if everything cost a dollar?

Katie, Kris/Amy, Mai Lor, Mindy, and all of the other new parents…THESE are what you have to look forward to.  Start prepping answers now.